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Are you ready for a life full of passion, energy, abundance and options? Well get prepared to shift your reality and completely overhaul your life for greatness with the magnificent power of Mindfulness! Leverage the time-tested ancient wisdom and power of mindfulness through meditation with our new on-demand course Mindful Money!

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What is Mindful Money?

Mindful Money is a brand new, powerful digital course, comprised of four (4), 30-min video & audio lessons -- plus a beautiful complimentary workbook -- structured to make it easy and convenient for you to complete your lessons at your pace, wherever's comfortable for you.

The Mindful Money course was created with you in mind. It guides you to achieve awareness (aka mindfulness) to help you uncover & harness the POWER of your internal energy systems to: 

Who is Mindful Money For?

The Mindful Money course is not based in religion but spirituality; the spirituality and belief in one's self and the power held within. No matter your religious beliefs, even if you believe in no deities, we are all curated with the innate ability to sense, connect with and control the various energies around us which form our realities. 


Mindful Money is right for you if:

*Uncover and erase your underlying fears, misconceptions and poor habits surrounding money & wealth!

*Banish those self-limiting beliefs preventing you from obtaining success

*Shift your negative, uncontrolled thoughts into a positive, focused and clear mindset

*Gain the confidence to walk in your purpose, control your narrative and design the life you deserve!

*Learn how to manifest your deepest, subconscious desires into fruition

Each of the four lessons within the Course tap into four unique paradigms shifts that must be achieved in order for you to attract the new, abundant life you seek. With guided videos to introduce each topic and help you gain a clear understanding of its potential effects in your life, you'll be equipped with resources you can use over and over again to accomplish amazing things in your life!

*You're tired of minimizing your potential for greatness and are ready to elevate beyond "employee" or "side hustle" status

*You're a new Entrepreneur in search of CLARITY, validation and PEACE surrounding your brand or business

*You're struggling in your small business and need to realign your mission and purpose to reconnect with and re-energize your clients, customers & partners!

*You no longer FEAR the unexplored POWER & PASSION inside of you and you're ready to uncover them to change the world around you!

*You are or are not a believer or follower of organized religion

*You GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to stop waiting for permission!

*You're ready to find and follow your life's true purpose, your True North, to experience a life of ease, contentment, abundance, fulfillment and OPTIONS!

Any of the above sound like you? "Yes", you say?


Then it sounds like its time to switch things up; like its time to create true, lasting change in your life...


If so, Mindful Money just may be the perfect catalyst to CREATE THAT CHANGE! So ask yourself, "What are you waiting for?"


Why Mindful Money?

The world is out of balance. The human species, as a whole, is out of touch. We're more consumed with privacy- invading technology, judgmental social media and the greed of capitalism than we are with the collective harm we're doing to the environment, building impactful relationships with those closest to us and mastering our whole selves to effectuate true and positive change in the world around us.


From birth, you're taught to get a basic education and learn how to force yourself into the mold of corporate America to assume a career, which can be both, unreliable and uncontrollable. Then you go into debt for a home & car, paying notes, taxes, insurance and interest on both, as you slave away thirty of your best years just to pay it all off. Meanwhile, you'll, hopefully, find someone special and build a family to whom you'll pass down these same old, ineffective principles.


Only when you're nearly too old to enjoy it, will you be rewarded for your dedication to supporting this broken model, in the form of Social Security, which pays you just a fraction of what you need to truly survive and enjoy those "golden" retirement years. This the so-called American Dream and it is complete bullshit.

At some point, you wake up to the lies and feel compelled & motivated to do something different... something bold... something GREAT. But what is "that thing"? How do you find what you're good at? Or narrow down from many options? Choosing something that'll be both, profitable and rewarding. A venture that you'll not only feel energize to run but one that adds to your bucket, leaving you content and fulfilled at the end of the day?! There are so many "businesses" that promise you unlimited amounts of wealth, how do you clear the noise and find what's true to you? 

MINDFUL MONEY helps guide you to your true POWER & PURPOSE so that you can find peace & clarity in a very noisy, distracting world.

One of peace, calm & resilience to the various traumas and adversities that we face daily as Black & Indigenous people across the diaspora.

One wherein you are no longer forced to fit into a mold but free to feel, live & BE unapologetically you!

A reality in which you must no longer ask for permission to use your time as you see fit but have the freedom and the flexibility to live your life on your terms!

One wherein your subconscious goals, energy and actions are so aligned that hitting major milestones and achieving success comes naturally, organically and abundantly.

A reality in which you've realized your internal power and have actualized into a force for good, paving change and manifesting the very life you dream of, elevating the circumstances of those around you. 

Now close your eyes and imagine a NEW REALITY...

You can open your eyes now...

And understand that for many, this is not just a dream to aspire to but an honest reality. Also, understand this:


You are already equipped with everything you need to make this your reality! Are you READY TO OWN YOUR POWER?

What All is Included?

The Mindful Money course is designed to help you shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset. As an entrepreneur, there is no steady paycheck just for showing up; your business requires constant attention and nurturing to scale into a self-efficient enterprise and there's nothing more important that having proper clarity, focus and endurance to navigate the inevitable highs and lows of business ownership. To assist you in achieving this shift, the Mindful Money course includes:

*FOUR inspiring mindfulness training videos w/ tips to help you make the most of your sessions - $99 value 

*FOUR transformative, guided meditation sessions (which you can download and save for endless replays)! - $99 value

*A beautiful workbook to record & track your daily mindfulness journey - $49 value

*LIFETIME ACCESS to course content & future updates and bonuses! - $249 value

*BONUS! Power of Purpose worksheet uncover, clarify, monetize & activate your life's mission - $29 value

*BONUS! Affirmations guide to attract positivity, success & abundance into your life daily - $29 value


*Insider access to our new virtual community (as it launches) to grow your network (& net worth!), find mentors, locate potential partners & collaborations, exchange resources and more!

*Discounts and early-bird access to more BADASS content to help you build your business, elevate your economic status and master your mind & your money!


In case math wasn't your favorite subject (like this nerd), that's almost $600 in content for just $99! I wanted Mindful Money to be affordable and attractive to all my people no matter what your situation is. Money will not be the obstacle keeping you from growing. So get started mastering your mind & your money today!

The Mindful Money course is just $99!