Meet Queen Mercy

You can either sit by playing by the rules, hoping luck will come find you or you can embrace your whole, unapologetic, magical brown self and grab this life by the balls!

Queen Mercy, Badass Brand Coach

Entrepreneur, future #1 best selling author, badass wife and brand success coach

For more than 10 years, I've worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes and industries to build, manage and grow dynamic, complex marketing campaigns to achieve success for my clients.


Having consulted in industries such as finance & investments, real estate and luxury consumer imports, often times, I found that not only was I the youngest person in the room but more importantly, I represented the only person of color to have afforded a seat at those tables. I understand the value of building trust with unfamiliar audiences and harnessing the power of new relationships.

Working, living and existing as a brown person in America can be mentally, physically and emotionally taxing. Today, there is a resurgence of focus on building people-friendly businesses, supporting employee wellness, life balance and overall self-care.

Accompanying this new found responsibility of holistic balance is the rise of the digital entrepreneur, unprecedented technological advancements across every industry and quite possibly the greatest shift of economic wealth transfer in the history of the United States. As minorities, we must secure our unique positions in our respective fields to not only stay relevant but to utilize the collective spending and bargaining power of the Black dollar to create sustainable generational wealth for our families and communities.

I help minority entrepreneurs like you build scalable, profitable brands first by shifting your energy to manifest focus, clarity and profitability within your brand then by curating undeniably bold, well-tailored marketing that attracts and influences your customers to pay top dollar for your products, services and solutions!




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Content, Social & Email Marketing to keep your brand exciting, relevant and engaged with your market. 

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