Meet Queen Mercy

You can either sit by playing by the rules, hoping luck will come find you or you can embrace your whole, unapologetic, magical brown self and grab this life by the balls!

Queen Mercy, Badass Brand Coach

Entrepreneur, BADASS brand success coach, wife & (future) #1 best selling author!

For more than 10 years, I worked with national & international clients of all sizes to build, manage and grow dynamic and complex marketing campaigns to help my clients reach their goals -- collectively earning them over $10M in revenue.


As a consultant spanning various industries including finance & investments, real estate and luxury imports, though I was often recognized for my effective client relationships, marketing & sales strategies, I often found that not only was I the youngest person in the room but more disturbingly, I represented the only person of color to at the table.


This lack of thought diversity, cultural experience & mentorship led some clients to question my authority. There were times when I felt attacked, betrayed, mistrusted and ineffective. Yet, this wasn't a reflection of my professional merit, work ethic, skill nor talent; this was simply the experience of excelling as a Black woman in Corporate America.

Working, living and existing as a brown person in America can be mentally, physically and emotionally taxing. 


On top of the normal struggles of existing while #BlackinAmerica, our input and thumbprint is being excluded from unprecedented technological advancements currently happening in nearly every industry, leading to quite possibly the greatest shift of economic wealth transfer in the history of the United States. As minorities, we must secure our secure our #seatatthetable, not only to influence our unique agenda & advocate for our own needs but also to LEVERAGE the collective multi-billion dollar spending and bargaining power of the Black dollar to create sustainable generational wealth for our families and communities for decades and millennia to come. It is your RIGHT & your duty to pursue a life of happiness. liberty & true economic FREEDOM!

These realizations led me on a challenging -- yet rewarding -- path to finding my own unique purpose which is to help minority entrepreneurs like you build BOLD, authentic profitable branded systems that are also pivotable, scalable, flexible, agile and adaptable so that no matter the state of the economy nor the rest of the world, you can THRIVE, flourish & live your life built by design!

I've created a holistic, dynamic 4-step approach to lasting, scalable success:





to focus, free and elevate your mind & awareness

to add credibility & authority to your brand

to amplify & accelerate your growth

to free your time & energy so you can spend more of it with your clients, your loved ones & YOURSELF!

With my unique 4-step approach, you'll learn how to:

*Open your mind, body & energy to attract positivity & abundance

*Cut the distractions & remain focused on your MMAs - Money Making Activities

*Develop the CLARITY & CONFIDENCE to walk in your purpose with authenticity, audacity, accountability & a completely BADASS BOSS mindshift!

*Create PROFITABLE, positive change in your whole life & the lives of your clients

*Make your brand work & EARN for you while you sleep!

Let's get to werk !




Let's WERK! 


10X Your Leads!


Create beautifully effective ads to capture & guide your customers to your brand. Great for all businesses no matter the niche!


Close More Sales

Sales Funnels

Easily guide your clients through your brand acquisition channels from your preferred social platform or search engine.


Nurture Loyalty

Brand Marketing

Content, Social & Email Marketing to keep your brand exciting, relevant and engaged with your market.